Orly Metal Chic – Fall 2009/Spring 2010

Sunday, 21 February, 2010

Orly released a matte line of 3 colors called Metal Chic.

I’m not usually a fan of matte nail polish, but I found this collection cool, even if it’s not for me. I did two things on them – I took them as they were originally meant to be worn – as a matte. Then I slapped on a super shiny top coat because I was curious how it would look. Both were pretty and I really preferred the shiny version.

Removing the colors were a PAIN thanks to the glitter…but anyway, please excuse the dry cuticles. Acetone and a strict, “DO NOT USE ANY LOTIONS WITH THIS MATTE NAIL POLISH” makes for a very ooglay cuticle display.

Admittedly this wasn’t the best color for my skin tone…either matte or not, it just didn’t look right. But if I had to choose, I’d say the matte version is much better on me than the one with top coat.
With or without topcoat, this color is freaking gorgeous…
I prefer this with top coat. Can you blame me?
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