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Zoya – Ivanka – Sparkle Collection – Summer 2010

Friday, 16 April, 2010

Part of the Sparkle collection, this lushtastic green is simply to be envied when worn. The shot in the shade best captures Ivanka’s spirit until you see it in person. Sunlight washed it out, but to be honest, I think my little camera couldn’t hold up to its beauty when put in natural light. It’s truly one of the colors you’ve got to get out of this collection in addition to Mimi and Charla.

Click pics to see the full detail.

My pointer finger and middle finger really capture what Ivanka’s all about. The color and pop is always ON. It never stops and it lasted for a good week. The *only* chipping I had was on my right hand’s index finger…and it’s only because I filed my nail down. Other than that, wear was excellent!

Sunlight washed it out and showed my deficiencies in nail polish application. 😀 Nonetheless, one color I’m going to get a back-up of because I get the feeling I’m going to be wearing this a lot during the summer – either on my toes or on my nails when I’m not swatching.

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