Imperial Splendour

MAC Cosmetics, Spring 2010 – Imperial Splendour nail polish swatch

Friday, 12 February, 2010

12 February, 2010  11:08AM

MAC Cosmetics, Spring 2010 – Imperial Splendour

What a gorgeous deep purple creme. I hate sparkles and shimmers in my nail polish and this was just…beyond gorgeousness. This makes CG’s Grape Pop and RBL’s Mismas look so…sad and lonely.

Formula was a little on the too thin/runny side, but if I laid it on a little thicker than usual and let it completely dry between coats, I got no bubbling. It was completely dry in 30 mins. I got a little fidgety at the 15 marker,b ut it was worth the results!

MAC Cosmetics’ Imperial Splendour
Shade (L); Sunlight (R)
Spring 2010 - OPI's Hong Kong Collection
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