Orly Fall 2009 – Once Upon A Time

Monday, 8 February, 2010

8 February, 2010

Orly decided to drop a collection on us called Once Upon A Time, basing colors on fairy tale stories from either their lines or just a vague reference to all stories.

Overall I liked the collection…save for one color, which you will see.

I liked the formula on this – I had no problems or complaints…not even a tiny one!

As always, click to enlarge the thumbnails.

Now, off with her red…oops. That’s OPI’s Alice in Wonderland thang…wrong place to put it – sort of. 🙂

Enchanted Forest
Flash (Top), Sunlight (Middle), Comparison (Bottom)
The last one is a comparison from Orly’s Spring I Bloom Collection with Wandering Vine vs Enchanted Forest. Enchanted Forest is a bit darker, deeper while wandering vine really does remind me of ivy…not the poison kind. 😉
Happily Ever After
Shade (Top), Sunlight (Bottom)
Kind of a nice raspberry color with hints of shimmer and a glitter. Not too shabby, but not for me.
Mirror Mirror
Overcast (Top), Shade (Middle), Sunlight (Bottom)
This color wasn’t so bad on me…I was preparing to dislike it. People are loving and lapping up all the greys that’s carried over from fall into Spring. I’m not a fan of grey nail polish but eh…this one looked decent on me.
Pixie Dust
Shade (Top), Sunlight (Bottom)
Not quite cement grey, but almost a dove grey with some pretty sparkles thrown in for good measure. In some lights it looked almost periwinkle on me!
Poison Apple
Shade (Top), Sunlight (Bottom)
Jury’s out on this…it’s almost like a tomato/maraschino red. It’s well…kind of delicious! 🙂
Prince Charming
Shade (Top), Sunlight (Bottom)
Prince Charming failed…application was good, but that color. *barfs* They’d have been better off calling this Tree Bark Brown. Prince Charming was not charming…at all.
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