Day 127

Monday, 4 May, 2009

My friend Suzanne and I are alike in a lot of ways – we met over our mutual love of jewelry and designing jewelry. After her crazy time at Scottsdale Fashion Week, right up to the very last minute she was producing. Bless her and her creative stamina. I’d have called it a day and gave them all the finger. LOL Anyway, after metals, it was only natural that she gravitate towards fabric of some kind.

I’ve already been in love with crocheting since I was a little kid (about 6 years old) when my mother gave me a hook and some yard and taught me how to do chain stitches. Eventually she taught me single, double and triple crochet — who knew it would carry over with me after all these years? About 5 years ago, I started crocheting silver bracelets while adding little rondelles to them. It was, in short, awesome.

So while I’ve not been denying my yarn/fiber side of my creativity, I’ve been denying the cloth side of my creativity – and with good reason.

All that was thrown out the window when we went to Jaipur. Colin insisted that I buy 2 saris. Now, I am hoping to get a sari every month — OY VEY!!!

Below are the images of the material for the sari. The green/blue one is so beautiful it’s beyond words. I had to have it the moment I saw it – it reminded me of a peacock, and I love the colors of the peacock – so deep and rich. The other is one that I wanted in a red shade, but yet I wanted it to have shades of pink in it, making it more like a bit like a fuchsia color. While it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, it made me happy enough.

So here they are – click to embiggen!


Now I’ve gone off and bought another sari this past Saturday. I know it’s beautiful, but I have completely forgotten what it looks like. I can’t wait to get it this Saturday. Now I need to buy shoes and jewelry. *squees* MORE SHOPPING!!!!! LOL

Poor Colin. He didn’t know what new beast he’s unleashed by insisting that I buy a couple of saris. I will be honest, I’ve been playing around and wrapping myself up in them and I can’t wait to wear them somewhere. They are freaking gorgeous!!! I just have to get them finished up, then I will be ready to go and play in them.


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