Day 2

Monday, 29 December, 2008

The flight had been long and arduous, but not as bad I had expected. They constantly kept feeding me! So much so to the point where I was about to tell them to stop. Yes, it was that much food. Can you believe I actually said that?! Ha, ha. It was a 14 hour flight and to be honest, I thought I could hack it. WRONG! It was a total pain in the ass. However, would I do it again? YES! I hate layovers and I’ll take one layover and 200000+ hour flight over 4 plane changes. I want the most direct flight to a place I can get. I’ll tough out a long ass flight.

I flew American Airlines and let me tell you…I loved their seats – utterly spacious! Plus, the flight attendants were so friendly – I was incredibly surprised. The bitchiest flight attendants I have ever come across was United. Everyone else had been indifferent, but I don’t know what it was about this particular American Airlines flight, but the women who worked it were so friendly and wore GENUINE smiles. It was a shock, to be honest. I guess I’ve encountered so many surly flight attendants (yes, United, I speak of you) that I assumed all flight attendants were the same. These flight attendants excelled in courtesy and professionalism. Also, I think the passengers played a huge part in that, too.

A while back Colin and I flew to the UK via Virgin Airlines. I remember having to go pee so badly. The bathroom on that flight was SO horrific that I vowed I would NEVER use a public toilet ever again – I would sooner explode and die. A big exaggeration, but it was how I felt. Anyway, so there I was, years later, stuck on a 14+ hour flight, DESPERATELY needing to pee thanks to the 2 gallons of water I had consumed so I could stay hydrated. I knew that holding it was no longer an option. Imagine my surprise when I discovered clean bathrooms – all 5 times that I had to go. Colin said that Brits are notoriously inconsiderate in regards to bathroom facilities. So I had been traumatized by the Brits but not the Indians…and the Brits had the nerve to call non-Brits savages when they themselves were the very things. Oh, the irony!

I got in at 10:30 pm, despite the late start from Chicago’s O’Hare airport. Thanks for making me walk to 4049058754 gates because of your changes, O’Hare. It’s like Chicago was flipping me off before I left the US because it knew how much I hated that town. Chicago’s only given me 2 things I’m grateful for – my friends Cathy and Julie. Other than that, I hate Chicago. Of course, if Cathy and Julie ever moved back to Chicago, I’d suck it up and go visit. Anyway, we got back to the apartment fairly quickly…I showered and changed and was ready to sleep at 12:30am. I was up at 7:30am, not quite sure where I was.

Oh…and the bed here in the apartment? MASSIVELY UNCOMFORTABLE, even though Colin loves it. I swear I’m sleeping on a stack of wood – it’s that hard and uncomfortable. I’ve always liked a firm mattress, but the bed is a bit ridiculous! I hope I get used to it or I’ll have to get used to sleeping on the couch. Ha, ha. Well, I’m sort of joking, but I’m really not. The bed is very uncomfortable, but it’s spacious. I’m not used to the way beds are made here – in the US it’s fitted sheet, loose sheet then comforter. Here it’s a loose sheet that’s tucked in to simulate a fitted sheet, then it’s just comforter. I’m like, “Something’s amiss…” I thought it was just lazy housekeeping. No, that’s just how it is. Colin took me out to dinner the other night in a different mall and we went to a store that had bed sheets and all that fun stuff…Sure enough, there it was sold in sets – one sheet and 2 pillowcases. Very odd, but I think I can get used to it.

The dinner Colin and I went to was wonderful – it was Indian food (duh). Colin’s gone all vegetarian on me. WTF? Seriously. W.T.F. Anyway, I had butter chicken and he had some potato curry thing…that had to be some of the best Indian food in my whole life. I think when I get back to the US I am going to be massively snobby and fussy about the Indian food I eat.

Anyway, the day is very VERY cold. Cold for India and, in my opinion, considered cold in other parts of the world – high in the day of 70F and at night 30-40F. It’s not much different than Arizona in terms of temperature…except this place has humidity and I don’t have to worry about static electricity shocks! However, my hair is reminding me why I dislike humidity..I need to find a flatiron in the mall or start ironing my hair…the frizziness is freaking me out. L



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The Eagle Has Landed...

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