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Saturday, 19 November, 2011

I’m part of a forum and we had a polish exchange…a bit of a Secret Santa thing, but this was a New Year’s Date…

I got some pretty awesome stuff. I had to share it with you!

As always, click on the picture to get the full size image.


NOT A JULEP! My heart stopped when I saw that in the mailbox…then I saw the NOT. lol

cest moi

Yup, yup! That’s me.


Box smells fabulous!


Polish on the bottom, L-R: Confetti’s Last Dance, Sephora by OPI’s Natural Environ-mint, Nars’ Endless Night (*squees*), Sephora by OPI’s Eve-y On The Eyes and Confetti’s Pop The Cork Purple.

See the Peep? It didn’t last after this shot was taken. I shoved it all in my mouth (hey – it looks way smaller than it really is!) and my friend on the phone kept asking what I was eating and I kept saying, “Peep” with my mouth full…she thought I kept saying “Poop”. She said, “I see where your dog gets it from now.” LMAO. Oh dear.

Don’t hate because I got some Lush stuff! Bath bomb fizzy ball, a scented wax thing to burn in my burner and a soap square. I also got an awesome mini pedi set I can take w me when I travel!


My dog Rex modeling the beads! He’s such a good boy. 🙂 He even posed for the picture. He kept holding his head up until I got the perfect shot. Good puppy!

The person who sent me this mega awesome package of candy, polish and bath stuffs? FillerAve!!! Talk about going above and beyond the call of duty when sending a package.

Thank you so much!!!

Secret New Year's Date #2
My time in Stockholm is almost over!

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