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Minty Chocolate Cookies

Tuesday, 8 March, 2011

Move over Girl Scouts! My stuff is better – it’s mintier and fresher. Take that, girls in green! Seriously, it’s March and in March I used to call it Girl Scout season. However, in the past few years after having purchased my old favorite stand-bys from the GS, I was always pissed off and annoyed at the more waxy taste than the mint flavoring I loved, craved and adored while growing up. So while mine do not look traditionally like the Girl Scout Thin Mints, I think mine kicks it to the curb.

My friend who does Weight Watchers gave me some news about these cookies – they’re worth 2 points each. She was happy because these give her her sweet tooth craving and the shot of mint she loves. She’s notoriously cray cray in March for the mint shakes. I used to think she was nuts until I had a mint shake from a fast food restaurant that I shall not name (McDonald’s) years ago. Now I think it best for me to stay far, far away because if I let myself that would be breakfast, lunch and dinner for me. I’d probably have to throw in a large fries with that. So it’s best that I pretend they’ve discontinued those Shamrock Shakes and go on about my merry way.

However, there is something about March – I’ll give her that…and in this particular instance of March, I was craving some GS Thin Mints something fierce. I finally bit the bullet and said I was going to tweak some recipes to get that Thin Mint action going on.

My supa secret ingredient to bring the mint on? Andes Mints. Yea, baby. I’ve never been a fan of those thin mints, but they work here. I think you will have to agree with me on this.

I’ve included the recipe at the bottom of the picture!

Are you drooling yet?

Minty Chocolate Cookies

China Glaze – Cherish

Tuesday, 7 September, 2010

Every time I see this polish’s name, the lyrics for Madonna’s Cherish comes flying through my head along with the images of the video. Maybe it’s me. Maybe not. Then it inevitably flies out of my mouth…the sound an offensive emittance that in no way remotely resembles Madonna’s song at all. At. All. Consider yourself lucky I haven’t included an audio clip for with this post. Sadly, Mr Carinae isn’t as lucky as you. In closed capacity of our car, he has suffered my offkey singing…and I think he is now officially hearing impaired. Ooops. I thought I had the corner on that market.

Anyway, here is this frosty, shimmery minty green from China Glaze. I’m going to have to compare it to Leaf Him At The Altar because that’s what it reminded me of. I’ll make sure to include them at the bottom of the post.

For now, here is the Cherish-ed prettiness.

Ok, I was wrong about them being similar…my bad!

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OPI, Ginger & Liz and Revlon – Damone Roberts 1968, Ivy League and Minted

Thursday, 2 September, 2010

I’ve been on a mint kick. Well, I was on a mint kick, but it happened at night. No, not candy. I’m talking nail polish.

I had finally scored Revlon’s Minted. I got a cute sample size of Ginger & Liz’s Ivy League. I have OPI’s Damone Roberts 1968. I wanted to wear them all, but knew I really couldn’t. I decided to put them all together for a comparison because those 3 were my newest mint greens. I wasn’t thinking…and realized it was night time, but eh. Sometimes the flash really does make the color stand out as well as flatter it, but it also has a tendency to drown the color/make it prettier than what it is.

Not in this case of the Mints! It showcased everything accurately.

OPI’s Damone Roberts was a bit thick, but it dried quickly.

Ginger & Liz looks bad because I wasn’t wearing my glasses on those 2 fingers. OOPS. The formula dried quick as well.

Revlon’s color had some serious cuticle pull. I was annoyed. Formula was runny and took a while to dry.

Illamasqua – Milf

Sunday, 2 May, 2010

I just found a whole bunch of Illamasqua swatches I’d done but have not posted. I processed this one and it’s an old one, but a color I’ll wear again. I swatched this back in January when I spending time in our home Arizona house. I can’t believe I forgot I have this!

Looks nice and opaque in the picture. Application was also quite nice, too. I usually have a very hard time with opaque cremes, but this was really so easy I couldn’t believe it! This was a two coater.

Oh that sun! It brings out some realities, doesn’t it? This color still is not bad on me but I have to be careful of the colors I wear because it can turn on me in a second, making my skin look like a dull, almost gray type of yellow.