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IsaDora 706 In The Army

Tuesday, 30 August, 2011

I remembered seeing IsaDora cosmetics in the golden days of yore – when Walgreens was cool, ya know? I never bought any of their stuff, but I remember some of their nail polish was cool…I still never bought any. I regret it to this day.

Fast forward to me roaming around Stockholm in KungsträdgÃ¥rden (the King’s Garden) and the Galleria Mall, finding a beauty store called Kicks and suddenly seeing this green called

IsaDora In The Army Label

Interesting. I bought that and another color. I’ll feature it that this week or next!

This time I knew that I couldn’t pass up IsaDora 706 In The Army. Plus, it was a very reasonable price (for Stockholm) so how could I say no?

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China Glaze – Peace on Earth vs NARS – Mash

Tuesday, 16 November, 2010

When I saw these greens separately, I thought, “Could one be a dupe for the other?” Well, let me just test it out!

While both formulas were excellent – quick drying and opaque in two thin coats, there was a world of difference between the colors themselves. See below for the comparison.

As always, click the thumbnails until they become huge.

Mash is more on the green side while POE has more yellow in it. Both were flattering on my skin, despite the warm undertone. Yay! Please excuse the big old chip on my pinkie finger. I had been wearing the color for a week and then remembered to take a picture.

Sunlight couldn’t really bring any real depth to the shade shot, but you can still see the difference.


Chanel vs Essie vs Rescue Beauty Lounge – Khaki Vert vs Sew Psyched vs Diddy Mow

Monday, 18 October, 2010

I had to do these three compared because next to each other (or as my friend Kristen from Rhode Island taught me, “Side by each!”) they were so blindingly close that I felt a little ripped off. In my excitement I didn’t take a picture of the bottle side by each, but I will soon and update this post.

These three were definitely in the same color family, but I love the subtle differences…and I love that they’re cremes. Hope you fall for these military greens the way I did.


In sunlight you can see the obvious difference between KV, SP and DM. KV has more green while SP and DM have more grey in it. Mr. CarinaeLetoile was so cute when he looked at Khaki Vert on me and commented, “It’s really like a military green. I think Army when I look at it.”

At first glance, SP and DM seem like dupes. But only in the picture. Both have an extremely faint shimmer in it. Both have a good amount of grey in it, but that is it. The difference in person is extremely subtle, but because I’m such a nail fanatic I know the difference – or so I tell myself. LOL I wore SP during the weekend, but kept KV and DM on my swatching hand. It was so subtle that no one could see the difference in the restaurants and dim places we went to this weekend. If you can grab SW, go for it. It’s a cheaper alternative to RBL’s DM. However, if you have DM no need to get SP. If you don’t have KV and want to get it…go for it. While I felt Les Khakis was a bit pricey, I felt it was well worth it.