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bahama blues collection

bahama blues collection

China Glaze – Bahama Blues Collection – Fall 2008

Monday, 22 February, 2010

Lots of hits here! I liked this collection save for the very dark colors…when did that happen?! Who knew that my dark loving nail polish self would actually not be cool with dark blues.

You’ll see why below…

Bermuda Breakaway
Shade (Top), Sunlight (Bottom)
This color wasn’t bad, actually. It was very pretty. A nice royal blue creme. Fabulous!

Calypso Blue
Not one of my favorite colors, to be honest. It was just so dark and the creme was a bit streaky. I thought it would be worth it, but it really wasn’t. I’d say skip this.

Bahamian Escape
Super pretty and not quite robin’s egg blue,  but it’s a gorgeous shade that was surprisingly pretty on me. It’s cool toned enough to actually look quite nice.

Blue Island Iced Tea
Yet another gorgeous color from the collection. It’s a nice light, almost sky blue that has some serious silver micro glitter thrown in…making this totally sparkly, shiny and yet somehow incredibly refined and tasteful. Definitely one that I’d enjoy wearing again…despite the glitter.

Blue Paradise
This color seriously surprised me…why? Because I thought the blue frost in the shade was so unappealing and utterly forgetful. Then I put this sucka under some sunlight then BLAM! this was such a gorgeous color that I had to just admire it for an hour before I removed it from my nails.
Caribbean Blue
Normally I would have hated this right off the bat…because of the glitter. I hate glitter in nail polish. I hate glitter polish. It’s only recently that I’ve been able to barely tolerate shimmers. I’m a creme kind of girl…shimmer and sparkle is for my face, ok? 😉 Anyway, this color is an awesome close to turquoise blue with some glitter thrown in, but it’s not an in your face kind of glitter. It’s very subtle and I think that’s why I liked it. It’s also got a hint of shimmer in it, too, so I think that really downplayed the glitter factor.