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alice in wonderland opi fall 2009/spring 2010

OPI Fall 2009/Spring 2010 Collection – Alice In Wonderland

Saturday, 16 January, 2010

OPI released this collection to coincide with Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland which is being released this year.

I’m a bit…well, really disappointed with this collection. I was hoping that we would see some psychedelic colors and some far-fetched ideas. I had high hopes and well, I shouldn’t have.

Absolutely Alice 
Indoors with flash (Top); outdoors, overcast (Bottom)
A dark grey sheer base with mega cool blue micro glitter with smatterings of gold which reminded me of Alice’s golden locks. I was so excited to put it on. When I did I went, “Oh. I like China Glaze’s Dorothy Who? better.” I also discovered that for some reason, this glitter nail polish was particularly tenacious in sticking to my nail! I spent about four times longer removing the glitter from not only my nails, but my darn fingers. That glitter got everywhere! The glitter is deceptive, too, because it is densely packed so while you think you’re seeing blue nail polish, you’re really seeing so much glitter condensed it gives the illusion of being an opaque color….it’s not. This blue is ALL glitter. *shudders* I’ve always hated glitter nail polish before and if the China Glaze Glitter! line didn’t discourage me from ever buying glitter polishes again, this one sure has. It looks much prettier here, but just remember – it’s a pain to remove! 😉
Mad As A Hatter 
Indoors, with flash (Top); outdoors, direct-ish sunlight (Bottom)
Way too much glitter for me to even try and figure out what is in here…and frankly, I CBA’d. I saw silver, blue, pink, purple, magenta and some others…that’s when I gave up. To try and figure out what other glitter was in it would imply that I care enough about this polish to do so. I don’t. It was ok…maybe I’m missing something, but I just don’t associate Mad As A Hatter with glitter. Maybe someone can explain it to me, because I need to buy a vowel to solve the puzzle. In the outdoors pic, you can see the glitter up close and in detail. Maybe you can tell me what colors I missed. On second thought, please don’t.
Off With Her Red! 
Shade (Top); Direct sunlight (Bottom)
Cute name, ok color. Would I wear it again outside of it being swatched? I don’t know. I’ve got a motherload of red nail polish and some are far more deserving than this. I get it OPI – you’re good with reds…and cremes…ok, I got the message from the previous other 20 bottles of red you’ve produced over the years.
Thanks So Muchness! 
Indoors with flash (Top); outdoors, overcast (Bottom)
Very pretty red, but just not feeling it. Some shimmer and some glitter- didn’t look too bad, but really not my thing. Slight bit of a problem with application as you can see on  my pinky finger.