Enchanted Polish December 2014

Wednesday, 21 January, 2015
Enchanted Polish December 2014

Enchanted Polish December 2015 is a gorgeous festive blue that is spot on any time of the year!

Enchanted Polish December 2014 is, like I said, a gorgeous festive blue. It was billed as a holo, but it was extremely faint and hard to find. I tried different lighting and I could not get the holo to fully come out and play like others had.

Enchanted Polish December 2014 was a limited edition and was part of a trio of polishes which included November 2014 and Holiday 2014. I have yet to swatch the other two I’ve mentioned, but after putting this on, I feel the need to do so. They are incredibly pretty.

Small note about Enchanted Polish: it’s a great brand. I’ve been generally happy overall with what I have been able to obtain…however, obtain is what makes this brand highly sought after. Women go crazy on her domestic restocks, get batshit when they can’t get what they want because it’s usually limited to one color per person. I generally don’t do restocks. I will do pre-orders. Watching some women have a meltdown over nail polish is fairly amusing and yet…at the same time, a bit pathetic. I refuse to contribute to the hair pulling, name calling and whining over the loss of a polish. I dislike drama. That said, would I keep purchasing from Enchanted when she does re-stocks? HELL YES! You should, too. New to the brand? I suggest signing up for her newsletter so you can find out when a restock or pre-order will happen. Visit the Enchanted Polish site and sign up at the bottom of home page.

Enchanted Polish December 2014 dried quickly and was easy to apply. I know that some have found it to be a bit slow drying. I remember reading that in a group in passing. What December 2014 does for me is hit all my favorite criteria for a blue – it’s bright, not a navy, not quite an ocean, but also darker than a sky blue. I wish I had a back up of this. Maybe I’ll get lucky in a swap.

Anyway, come and see how Enchanted Polish December 2014 has totally captured me.

Enchanted Polish December 2014.

Enchanted Polish December 2014.

Enchanted Polish December 2014


Now that you’ve seen the color, do you think you will do what you can to obtain this color?

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