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Femme Fatale Aqueous

Monday, 5 August, 2013
Femme Fatale Aqueous

Femme Fatale Aqueous is this gorgeous bright burnt turquoise blue base with some fun glitter thrown in.

I happened to come across this color while browsing llarowe’s site. Some people read, I shop for nail polish! The moment I saw the bottle, I had to have this. My camera was incapable of capturing the true beauty of this polish.

The best way I can describe Femme Fatale Aqueous is go out and buy it! It’s really that simple. Honestly.

I used three coats for the application, topped it off with Nail Pattern Boldness’s Glitter Food, then the final coat was my new favorite, HK Girl Top Coat.

Final note about application and dry time: absolutely fabulous. I had no worries over it and it dried a lot faster than I had anticipated. If you can get your hands on this bad baby, go for it. I looked at other sites and this color is sold out! I think this was to make up for the fact I was unable to score in the Enchanted Polish re-stock.

As always, please right click on the image and choose Open In New Tab. When in the new tab, click on the image (it will triple in size!) to view the photo in its original size.

Femme Fatale Aqueous

Femme Fatale Aqueous, Macro

You can see the beautiful glitter that balances this the base color – black and neon pink hexagonal glitter, with smaller and large neon pink glitter…it really made my head explode just a little bit.

Femme Fatale Aqueous

The base is brighter than what you see here.

Femme Fatale Aqueous

It’s still a bit brighter than this shot.

Femme Fatale Aqueous

It’s this bright, but…if you see below in the second sunlight shot, the blue is more true to life than in this shot. It’s so hard to describe!

Femme Fatale Aqueous

See how pretty the base is in this shot? The sunlight 1 picture is the jpg version of the color while the one directly above, Sunlight 2, is the RAW version, but from a slightly different angle.

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À bientôt!



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