Cirque Epoch

Thursday, 18 October, 2012
Cirque Epoch

Cirque Epoch is described as A duochrome/color-shifting polish that is predominately turquoise then changes to blue and purple at different angles on their site.

I have to say that I was very excited by this color. I love turquoise whether it’s bright or muted. This is no exception. It’s a dark, dusky, muted turquoise that has some lovely flashes of blue and purple. The flashes are best seen in artificial light and shade. My camera was able to catch the purple shifting, but not the blue…I was excited to catch the purple, I completely forgot about the blue. Oops.

At any rate, this color is worth it – the formula dried quickly and flawlessly. Look ma, no bubbles!

There is this gorgeous shade…and unlike most other duochromes, this wasn’t sheer and I didn’t need to apply it over a dark color. Not sure how Annie did it, but the formula was incredibly opaque in two very thin coats. Wear on this was fabulous and excellent as well – it stayed on for five days before I decided to change the color.

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If you want to see

Cirque Epoch

Cirque Epoch – shade1

You can see the purple shift on my middle finger and pointer finger, which are to the far right

Cirque Epoch

Cirque Epoch – shade2

 You can see the purple flash even better on three of the fingers.

Cirque Epoch

Cirque Epoch – sun

 No color shift here, but you can see the beautiful smoky turquoise of this color. While not a traditional turquoise per se, it still is this gorgeous color.


Cirque Epoch

Cirque Epoch – macro-ish shot

You can see the flash of purple/blue on the right of the macro and the turquoise base on the left. This is a bottle shot and I think I was quite fortunate to get this one that best shows the personality of this polish.

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