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Butter London Wallis v BB Couture Glampyre

Thursday, 3 November, 2011
Butter London Wallis BB Couture Glampyre

I do like greens like this…blackened base with lovely green thrown in it.

This was no exception. Wallis is absolutely beautiful, but I kept thinking I may have something like this in my collection. Dug through and found BB Couture’s Glampyre. I had to do a side by side (or as my friend Kristen says, “Side by each!”) comparison. This is how it went down…

As always, click the thumbnails. That will take you to a thumbnail on a separate page. Click on that thumbnail, which will take you to another page with a large version of the photo. Wait for the page to load and then click on the picture again…then it’s BAM~ it’s full size photo. Scary! But hey, you can see the details. 🙂

Butter London Wallis BB Couture Glampyre

Butter London Wallis vs BB Couture Glampyre

As you can see, Glampyre is a bit more blackened to the point where it’s olive green. Wallis appears to be more golden, more yellow. I still see flecks of the black base. However, I think that Glampyre is a bit more put together. It blends seemlessly and is a bit more refined. Wallis has bigger (is it glass?) flecks that give it a great glowing quality.

Butter London Wallis BB Couture Glampyre

Butter London Wallis vs BB Couture Glampyre

Once out in the sun, Glampyre is a bit more golden bronze. Wallis glows this crazy yellow-green…which I totally love!

Pitting these two colors against each other was good for me to see – I won’t be making the same mistake again!

That said, if you want to read my review of Glampyre, go here.

I loved Wallis because it’s so very different from the other colors I have. I like being able to see the different flecks come together to make this a gorgeous color. I am going to get a pedicure with this color soon. The formula on this was fabulous — it was opaque in two medium coats. It dried quickly…this is the perfect polish to have in your collection. Don’t let it pass you by!

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