Depend – Numbers 045 and 206

Thursday, 26 May, 2011

Ok, I can’t stop giggling every time I write about this Swedish nail polish brand called Depend. I’m childish. I’m immature. I’m juvenile. What can I say? I totally ‘fess up to my faults. I’m also a disorganized organized mess. My Helmers are disorganized right now. I need a third Helmer and I can see Mr Carinae rolling his eyes at me…

Anyway, immaturity and disorganization aside, I really do need to stop laughing when I swatch these colors.

What I did was layer the gold glitter on top of this frosty grey polish and then I swatched one finger with the gold by itself.

The gold on top the grey? Not so flattering. I knew it was a risk, but I thought, “What the hell? Why not?” Yup. Killed a pretty polish color with experimentation. The gold glitter polish was actually quite surprising. This is one coat of it on top of the grey. It’s very dense and it covers the area quickly and efficiently. An added bonus? This sucka dried fast. I mean like lightning fast. I thought at first it was a bit like my Poshe top coat. Then I felt the lumpy glitter. No, it’s not like Poshe.

The grey polish was a real surprise. It looked almost like a gunmetal grey in the bottle. However, when I put it on me it softened up and showed a slight blue undertone running through it that made it look really good on me! Then to save it from being a little on the flat dull side a pretty little frost was thrown in for good measure!

Formula for both of these really surprised me – fast drying and opaque in two coats. My only complaint is that these bottles are incredibly tiny. So tiny it was hard to hold it to take pictures of them!

Depend - Nr 225
Depend - Nr 035