Butter London – Lady Muck

Wednesday, 27 April, 2011

What do I have on offer here?

In Brit slang, muck about means to take your time…kind of just hanging around doing nothing. Basically, wasting time.

Lady Muck, however, is an entirely different meaning. When you call someone a Lady (or Lord Muck), you are actually insulting or pointing out the obvious character flaw. Calling someone Lord/Lady Muck means that they are putting on airs and acting well above their station in life – a bit like wanting to be well bred when, in reality, they’re living in a shabby place. In short, you’re calling them delusional bastards.

There is a Britcom that I could not stand watching, but a friend of mine loved it. So much so she could watch the same episode over and over and over…to the point where I honestly thought I was going to stab her in her sleep. The Britcom was called Keeping Up Appearances. It still airs on PBS and BBC America. That’s like nails on a chalk board to me. She made me so sick of that show…so much so that I could barely stomach looking it up on Wikipedia. That show incites some serious anger in me.

This color, however, does not incite anger. If anything, I found it calming and pretty to look at, despite the fact it was a bit of a problem child. Formula was streaky, chalky and all around difficult to work with. To make matters worse, it took a while to dry, too! I was debating on doing three coats to get it all pretty and right, but after the incredibly long drying time, I decided to not push my luck!

Despite the dry time (and application drama), this color really does knock it out of the park – it’s a gorgeous light blue with hints of grey with a pretty metallic shimmer/sheen/glitter, keeping it from being like every other light blue/grey out there.

What do you think?

The color looks radically different in sunlight, doesn’t it? All I did was crop and put a watermark on…nuffin’ else.


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