Ginger & Liz Who’s The Boss?

Tuesday, 11 January, 2011

I love Ginger & Liz Whos The Boss. Ginger and Liz have been cracking me up with the 80s names of polishes. Goin’ Back to Cali and now Who’s The Boss? I’m having flashbacks of my youth! Did I just reveal how old I am to you whippersnappers?!

Yet another gorgeous purple that Ginger & Liz have knocked out of the ballpark! I’m so bad at application, but I love how even with my worst applications, Ginger & Liz still look halfway decent on me. This was an awesome plum shade that delivered.

I don’t know what’s happened in the past year and a half, but I’ve picked up some serious love for purple polishes. When they keep looking this good and with this kind of application, I’ll keep falling for them and buying them!

Formula for Ginger & Liz Whos The Boss was great – high gloss on the first and second coats that dried quickly in between. Opaque in two coats. Woo hoo!

Ginger & Liz Whos The Boss.

Ginger & Liz Whos The BossGinger & Liz Whos The Boss – Sunlight. I swear, I ruined the photos because of the cuticle oil. You can’t see the super high glossy shine of this color.

Comparison: Ginger & Liz's Trance vs Color Club's Revvvolution
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