Zoya Crystal

Wednesday, 29 December, 2010
Zoya Crystal

My pictures do not do this color justice. This is the smoother, sleeker version of OPI’s Absolutely Alice.

I am going to re-swatch this color again now that I’m more familiar with my camera and processing pictures in RAW mode.

For now, enjoy the pretty blue gold goodness that is Zoya Crystal. It is a beautiful metallic blue with flecks of gold glitter thrown in. Application was easy and smooth. This is right up there with Zoya’s Ivanka, in my opinion. Two coats and dried quickly.

I think that Zoya Crystal is one that you need to have in your collection. For some reason, when I look at this, I’m reminded of a globe from my old days in school. It’s like land masses surrounded by all the water. It’s just super gorgeous! Can you imagine if they did a green version of this?! *swoons*

Zoya Crystal.

Zoya Crystal

Two different shade shots of Zoya Crystal to show you the gold flecks and the shimmery metallic goodness of blue.

Zoya Crystal

Sunlight washed out this shot, making it appear dull and lifeless. That is not the case, it really is a gorgeous color

Now that you’ve seen Zoya Crystal, do you think you want/need this in your collection? I think it’s a must! Do you?

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