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Femme Couture – Shimmer Time

Friday, 17 December, 2010

I feel like crap. I have been feeling like this for the past 4 days. The past week of denial has finally caught up. “No, I’m not sick. It’s the sudden change in weather.” (that is true, though – when weather changes on me frequently I find myself feeling under the weather..no pun intended!)

I finally succumbed to the sickness on Monday. I told myself it was because I was exhausted and I needed sleep…and I slept. And slept. I crawled out of bed on Tuesday to get the things I needed to do done, like drive hubby to the train station and feed Rex Rex and kitty. I crawled out of bed on Wednesday to repeat Tuesday’s mistake. Thursday, I couldn’t even budge. I was in pain. Joints are aching.

Today is marginally better…better enough so that I can actually do my Friday Red Post and then crawl back under the covers for more sleep that is interrupted by this terrible cough.

If you see typos, don’t be a hater – keep in mind I’m sick and I’m not even going back to read what I’ve written.

Formula dried quickly and was opaque in 2 coats. A bit disappointed in this because the shimmer that was mega prevalent in the bottle barely showed at all on the nail.

Femme Couture's Red Caviar
Femme Couture - Garland

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