Spa Ritual Spring 2010 Collection – Believe Collection (Part II)

Wednesday, 5 May, 2010

The second half of this collection focuses on the final three colors of the collection that were … not so great on me. The formula was still the same – wonderful. It dried fast, was a breeze to apply and no jacked up bristles. I had a minor problem that really was cuticle pull. You can see it all below. 🙂

You can see the cuticle issues on my middle finger. This pink had a shimmer in it that was meant for someone either younger or older, but not me. I’m very fussy about my pink nail polish and this is definitely not one for me.

See? Cuticle pull again! This orange…is orange. I love orange nail polish, but this was a bit too sheer and almost a jelly like quality. This is 2 coats and it’s still slightly sheer. Not sure if you can see that.

A lovely creme that I absolutely loved in the bottle. Sadly, it looks like I’ve glued some pastel colored M &Ms onto my fingers. It looks surreal and very odd. I was hoping that it would look ok on me, but it really didn’t. I love, love, LOVE this color. I really wish this would look good on me. Oh well…plenty of polish for me to choose from so I’m not lamenting my lack of choices. 🙂

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