It's like…Butter!

Monday, 8 March, 2010

Ah…it is like butta! The colors are fabulous, the application flawless…the smell isn’t as revolting as other polishes, thank God. It still smells like nail polish, but it’s a lighter smell — is that even possible? 🙂

One of those eponymous greys for this spring. It’s similar to Chanel’s Particuliere and Color Club’s High Society. This has a bit more grey than the others…it’s nice, but I def prefer Tramp Stamp.

I don’t know why but this color really had love written all over for me. It looks like a light raisin color in the sun, but it’s not. It’s truly a rich, gorgeous purple-y brown…freaking fabulous. The color is closer to real life in the shade shot. Isn’t it beautiful?

Barielle Swatches
Some OPI Suedes