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Rescue Beauty Lounge – Bruised

Wednesday, 21 July, 2010

I love this color from RBL – I actually do wear it a bit. It’s dark enough but still respectable for people who work in a conservative environment.

It’s a gorgeous creme, but I do admit the drying time was a bit longer than what I wanted it to be. However, it had a lovely high gloss finish and putting a top coat on was merely gilding the lily.

This swatch was a 2 coater – lovely and opaque from the first stroke. *sighs*

Zoya Polish

Monday, 15 March, 2010

I keep looking at this color and thinking, it’s the sister to Midori! I’m going to have to do a comparison swatch…it’s darker, edgier with a lovely golden shimmer. It warms it up enough but doesn’t detract from the coolness of the color – if it had been too warm it would look like green pewp on me.

And no it’s not like Midori – my bad! Midori is lighter and more golden…but still gorgeous. 🙂

I was having China  Glaze flashbacks when I put this on. This is suspiciously close (at least in color and shimmer) to CG’s Lasso My HeartOops, compared swatches and I’m wrong. This is richer, fuller…much prettier. I definitely prefer Zoya’s take on this.

Note on the formula – these were 3 coaters for me. 2 looked ok, but 3 really showed the true beauty of these babies…and look ma — NO BUBBLES! It dried fast and smooth.

Will be doing more Zoya colors during the week because I ordered quite a few when we got our tax return. 😉


Nars – Tokaido Express and Purple Rain

Monday, 1 March, 2010

I had some old school Nars nail polish from the mid 90s…and I so wish I hadn’t lost them in all our moving. They came with me from Vegas…to the Bay Area…then to Chicago…I swore I packed them when we moved to Scotland…Swore up and down I saw them in a box when we landed in Arizona…Swore again that I had it when we went to live in India…Thought I couldn’t find it so I checked when I got back to Arizona…then thought I had left them in California…nope, they’re gone. Poof. Vanished. Forever.

Then I got these… *drools* You cannot fully appreciate them until you make them mondo huge on your screen – click the image and you will be taken to that same image but on a different page. Click the same image again and then BAM! insta big picture and you’ll go, “OMG! I have to get these colors!!!1!”

Look at that. I’m absolutely speechless. A gorgeous purple nail polish with a subtle magenta-like shimmer that just throws this color into another realm.

Almost appearing like a berry purple in shade, this little chameleon of a color totally changes in direct sunlight…it looks almost wine-y with a lovely bronze shimmer that runs through it. Fabulous!

china glaze nail polish swatches Fall 2008 Rodeo Diva

China Glaze – Fall 2008 – Rodeo Diva Collection

Wednesday, 24 February, 2010

I remember seeing this back in 2008, before leaving for India. I was so tempted to buy it, but didn’t. I really didn’t want to buy it, then try to lug it to India or worse yet, leave it behind. So I didn’t buy it.

The nail polish guy I go to here in AZ had these puppies on CLEARANCE for a mere dollar. HOLLA!!! I grabbed as many as I could, but sadly, not all colors are here. I’m not about to go and buy from an e-tailer because the colors I’m missing aren’t ones I think I really I want, anyway.

This was definitely one where I went, “I don’t like this color in the bottle, but boy do I love it on me!” It’s a super rich raspberry tone that’s broke up with a lovely frost.

I love green nail polish and this is no exception. I didn’t understand the fuss, now I do. Definitely one that I am happy to have in my collection!

Now this…this really stole my heart – can you see why? I swear it reminds me of my favorite colors from my junior high days. This color was flattering on my skin tone – definitely a keeper, too!

So the girl who loves dark nail polish (that’s me!) loved this, too…despite the faint shimmer running through this. This was such a deep dark eggplant kind of purple that I ended up liking the faint shimmer. It brought a kind of depth that I didn’t know I’d truly appreciate until I saw it on me.

A lovely ocean blue nail polish with a shimmer and and some subtle micro glitter thrown in for good measure…and what a difference that makes!

This is another eggplant-y shade that they had…but they threw in some warm gold micro glitter that really…really made this color seem slightly bronze-y and just a beautiful shade to have on your nails.

Ok, now this…this is the total surprise for me of the collection. Not quite a black nail polish, but the base was so dark a green it appeared black. Then they had put some shimmer to it that was gold. The result? A gorgeously mysterious dark green nail polish with some beautiful gold/bronze shimmer. A real gem!

29 73524 Vernis Laque Pur

Kickin' It Old School

Friday, 5 February, 2010

Found this in my stash of old polish. It was released the same time as Chanel’s original Vamp, aka Rouge Noire. I forgot how much I loved this color…until I had to wait for it to dry in between coats. URGH!

So this is YSL’s Vernis Laque Pur line, 73521 number 29. You can see from the pics at the bottom.

Overall it was very hard to work with, thin and temperamental…but hey, it’s a teenager!

Shade (L) and in direct sunlight (R)
Shade (Top) and in direct sunlight (Bottom)
Necessary and l33t inf0z!
opi spring 2008

OPI Spring 2008 – India Collection

Saturday, 30 January, 2010

30 January, 2010

I have 10 out of 12. URGH!!! I can laugh now, but at the time I was about to tear my hair out! Someday I’ll get the last 2 colors — MonSooner or Later and Moon Over Mumbai. Then I can add it to the swatches here. 🙂

Overall, not sure what the heck was going on with the brushes in this collection. The bristles were a bit too thick and some had minds of their own! The formula wasn’t too bad…something I could easily deal with.

Charmed by a Snake
Shade (Top); Overcast (Bottom)
It looks a bit gold, yet slightly bronze on me. When I wore this color 2 summers ago, I disliked it because I had acquired a tan, making me even darker than I usually am (*cues* mommy voice, “Carinae, YOU ARE SO DARK!! YOU WILL NEVER GET MARRIED.” *as mommy makes the sign of the cross and prays for my immortal soul*) and it made the color appear this pallid, pathetic bronze on me. While this time around it’s infinitely more charming I still have bitter memories of that bronze shade.
Curry Up Don’t Be Late
Shade (Top); Overcast (Bottom)
I’m not one for golds, but this wasn’t so bad. It’s pretty lightweight and I felt it was more of a sheer than an actual opaque. I also had issues with it because there were a few jacked up errant bristles that really got in the way of application.
Elephantastic Pink
Indoors, No Flash (Top); Indoors with Flash (Bottom)
Wow…talk about BLING BLANG BRIGHT! ’nuff said.

Get Me To The Taj On Time
Indoors, no flash (Top); Indoors with Flash (Bottom)
Pretty little sheer with a slight hint of an iridescent shimmer…I’d wear this again for sure.
I’m Indi-a Mood For Love
Indoors, no flash (Top); Indoors With Flash (Bottom)
The name alone made me giggle. I’ve got to say, they’ve nailed it head on with the whole Indian pink shade here. It really popped a lot more in person…and when I put this on, I smiled remembering my time in India.
Lunch At The Delhi
Indoors, No Flash (Top); Indoors With Flash (Bottom)
Oh…it’s a coral color. It is *so* not me. I’m not 60 yet.
Keys To My Karma
Shade (Top); Sunlight (Bottom)
I liked this red…kinda tomato-y, kind of maraschino cherry…it’s almost got a retro vibe to it. Kind of power color ‘bitch in the boardroom’ kind of thing. Very Alexis Carrington!
Black Cherry Chutney
Outdoors in Shade (Top); Sunlight (Bottom)
This was my staple color until the end of 2008…we moved to India and I didn’t want to haul my stash of nail polish – I just bought more there instead. 😉 …And that’s only 3 bottles of swatching. I left behind so many. Not one of my finer moments…I thought I was going back, but as it turns out, I never did. 🙁 Anyway, what I truly love about this color is that it’s got a hint of an orange/pink shimmer running through it. In the bottle, I saw it and went, “oh…a padparadscha sapphire kind of color!!” I had to buy it. But when I put it on, I nearly wept from the sheer beauty of it. The pictures don’t do it justice at all.
Royal Rajah Ruby
Outdoors in Shade (Top); Sunlight (Bottom)
A super pretty shade of red that I’d wear here and there, but Black Cherry Chutney was the one that I still love…I am going to have to get a back-up bottle before it’s too late.
Yoga-ta Get This Blue!
Outdoors in Shade (Top and Bottom)
Ok, I can’t even begin to explain how much I love this color. It got 4 pictures in here! I loved Russian Navy and I thought this would be a ghetto sister to it…oh no. This one really stands out on its own. It’s this navy color that’s got a lovely shimmer running through it. Absolutely freaking gorgeous. I know the swatches may look identical, but the subtleties are there, I promise! 🙂
Yoga-ta Get This Blue!
Sunlight (Top and Bottom)