piCture pOlish

Picture Polish Scarlett

Thursday, 21 August, 2014

Picture Polish Scarlett is a medium red with lots of glitter and shimmer with a slight scattered holo thrown in to throw you off!

Picture Polish Scarlett is my first foray into this brand. I had seen it many times before, but had so many to go through that I kept putting it off…then I just said, “Oh, forget it. Just buy it already!” I purchased Scarlett, eerie and two others, which I will be showing soon.

Picture Polish Scarlett I’ve heard that this is one of the first formulas since piCture pOlish went five-free and I must say that the formula is wonderful! I did two coats and had no issues. The glitter proved to be no issue, either. Sometimes in polishes like this, glitter will mess with application — happy to report there were no problems in that area. While this is described as a medium red, I don’t know what to describe it as except pretty.

Picture Polish ScarlettPicture Polish Scarlett in diffused light

Picture Polish ScarlettFlash

Picture Polish ScarlettPicture Polish Scarlett direct light

Picture Polish ScarlettNail Macro for Picture Polish Scarlett

Now that you’ve see this color, will you be purchasing it?

Until next time,