Chanel Lilis

Saturday, 8 June, 2013
Chanel Lilis

Chanel Lilis (647) is described as an intense coral.

Chanel Lilis is part of L’Été Papillon de Chanel collection for Summer 2013. The other two colors that are part of this collection are Azuré #657and Bel-Argus #667 ($27 each, all limited-edition).

I’ve swatched Azuré #657 on a nailsicle (I’ll blog about that some day!) as well as Bel-Argus #667. Those two are absolute worlds away from Chanel Lilis.

How so? First, Azuré and Bel-Argus are completely opaque…they’re also a bit darker and more mysterious. Lilis is that color that was meant for summer days, while I feel the other two are for lovely, sultry summer nights.

Chanel Lilis is also not as opaque as Azuré and Bel-Argus. This was a bit more sheer, but had better coverage. It was almost like a crelly – you know, a cross between a jelly polish (jelly polishes are usually translucent after several coats) and a creme polish. So while this had excellent coverage, it was still somewhat translucent after two coats. I ended up slapping on a third one for good measure! It was wonderfully opaque and all was right with my world.

There is enough of a cool tone to this polish for me to wear it, but it wasn’t the most flattering in some lights. In direct sunlight, it shined and flattered me…indoors in fluorescent or incandescent lighting, it made my skin tone look sallow and almost jaundiced!

Overall, Chanel Lilis is a fast drying formula that had a fairly high glossy finish – always the two best things you can find in a polish.

I wore this for a couple of days and found that I just had to top it off with glitter, which will be tomorrow’s post.

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Chanel Lilis


Chanel Lilis


Chanel Lilis


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