Color Club Angel Kiss

Friday, 11 January, 2013
Color Club Angel Kiss

Color Club Angel Kiss is part of Color Club’s Halo Hues line for Fall 2012.

This was one of the most anticipated releases for Fall 2012. Why? Because they’re holographic.

I had the same issues with this holographic as I did the others – it was chalky and streaky. I either needed the Aqua base from NFU Oh or I shouldn’t have used a base coat at all.

Though incredibly fast drying, it was like other applications with holographics – once on you had an extremely short timeframe to work with this color. You can’t put another coat on unless it is completely dry or else it takes a huge hunk of color and leaves a big huge gaping hole. It’s unattractive. I should’ve taken a picture to show you. If you’ve used a holographic nail polish before, I’m sure you’ve done it as well. 😉

While this is a nice holographic nail polish, it will never be as good as China Glaze’s first release of their Kaleidoscope, OMG and LOL collections.

I loved this color because it’s a cool, pastel-ish blue-green/sea foam green…I’m not sure why they called it Angel Kiss. I’d have called it Mermaid Something because once on the nail, I was reminded of the ocean.

I topped this off with a coat of China Glaze’s Fast Forward.

As always, please right click on the image, choose Open in New Tab and then click once on the image in the new tab for the full-sized image.

Color Club Angel Kiss

Color Club Angel Kiss – Shade

No holo action here in the shade.

Color Club Angel Kiss

Color Club Angel Kiss – Flash

Better flash in the bottle than on the nail. 🙁

Color Club Angel Kiss

Color Club Angel Kiss – Sun

Another shot wiped out by the sun. It drowned the holo prettiness out.

Color Club Angel Kiss

Color Club Angel Kiss – Indoor Lighting

The holographic was still shy in coming out, even in indoor lighting. That said, I was able to catch the holo goodness best here.

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