Ciate Tweed and Tails

Monday, 10 September, 2012
Ciate Tweed and Tails

Ciate Tweed and Tails 077 is from their Heritage collection, Fall 2011.

Now, prior to this I had never really had any experience with Ciate until Sephora started carrying it online…and I totally jumped on some of the stuff. You already saw swatches for Oil Slick, but this one…*sigh* Ciate Tweed and Tails is definitely something that calls to me because I love shades like this. Plus, it’s a creme and I have mucho love for a creme.

I also made the fatal mistake of looking at the other colors in this collection. I want the other three. Urgh. Bad things happen when I want to buy some polish. No one gets rest. No one.

Ciate Tweed and Tails was flawless in so many ways! Formula was superb. It was glossy and really didn’t need a top coat, but I used one anyway. It was also opaque in two thin coats. It was a smooth application and it actually went on nearly opaque in the first coat, but because I’m so lame at application, I knew a second coat was needed. It wasn’t chalky, it wasn’t one that was prone to making a beeline straight for my cuticles – thanks so much for that! Ciate Tweed and Tails also lasted a week before chipping. What more can a girl ask for in a nail polish? Well, you can ask for pictures! That I have and will share right now.

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Ciate Tweed and Tails

Ciate Tweed and Tails – Shade

Such a gorgeous color in the shade, wouldn’t you agree? It’s a little darker; mysterious almost.

Ciate Tweed and Tails

Ciate Tweed and Tails – Sun

Here it is in the sun, in all its glossy goodness.

Ciate Oil Slick 088