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Yves Saint Laurent New Blacks The Black Collection

Tuesday, 15 November, 2011

YSL released black based polishes for their Holiday 2011 collection called The New Blacks.

I was excited when I heard about this – it screamed to the black nail polish wearing girl in me. I loved that it had a black base, but would have some strong pulls of bronze, blue and purple. Imagine my surprise when I actually received the colors…and found them to be less than breathtaking. To be honest, it was completely underwhelming. Like, I am upset I had purchased these. The only saving grace is that I got in a pack of three from Nordstrom for $45. The bottles are slightly smaller than an average polish bottle, but price point wise didn’t make me flinch. I felt like I got a good deal, so I’m not that upset, but I’m upset enough.

The shimmer on these bottles are GORGEOUS.

126 Black Bronze / Noir Mordore
127 Black Lapis /
Noir Lapis
128 Black Indigo /
Noir Indigo

YSL 126 Black Bronze Noir Mordore

YSL 127 Black Lapis Noir Lapis YSL 128 Black Indigo Noir Indigo



As always, please click on the thumbnails to bring them up to their original size.

While I was massively underwhelmed by the collection, I loved the idea. It was just poorly executed because they really did not make this dazzle in the way they really could have. Maybe I’m just jaded from all the polishes I collect. I’m not quite sure. It takes a lot to make me look twice at things. The shimmer in the bottle is fabulous – I mean look at them above. Those are actual bottle shots that I took. So I kept thinking that this was going to show up on my nails. Oh the humanity and the disappointment…see below.


Snooze-a-licious. You know they’re black based, right? Actually, don’t they just look like black polish?


Oh, hai. I sort of come to life here.

All of these were two coats. Great opacity in two medium-handed applications. It dried nice and fast. If you’re a collector, you may want these. However, I’d rather put my $40-ish towards something else.

YSL Jade Imperial
Kickin' It Old School

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