Ginger & Liz Prima Donna

Tuesday, 18 October, 2011
Ginger & Liz Prima Donna

Metallic for a Tuesday! I’m featuring Ginger & Liz Prima Donna…and what a metallic it is.

Ginger & Liz Prima Donna is a gorgeous pink metallic shade. While I sometimes feel like I’ve seen these foils/metallics, I have. However, not with this cool base. I mean, yes, there are tons of silver foils/metallics out there. However, you don’t see it with a pink base. Other than that, you’ll find it in a copper or a rose-gold base or a plain gold base.

This is described on the site as “Prima Donna is our modern day take on old Hollywood glamour a la Dorothy Dandridge and Grace Kelly. Even without trying, she is grand in her personality. She is sexy and demands attention with little effort. A sister colour to Swagger, Prima Donna is a crisp pink metallic with lavender undertones that is perfect marriage of classy and sassy.”

Absolutely fun and one I think you can’t be without. I love how Ginger & Liz Prima Donna took a metallic and added a subtle twist to it.

Application was fabulous – smooth and easy. It needed two thin-medium coats and dried so quickly I was surprised. For the top coat I used Poshé’s fast drying top coat, which in my opinion, is the best and fastest drying one out there.

Enough of my ramblings, on to the pictures.

Before we start, please remember one thing about the pictures: right click on the image and choose Open In New Tab; click on the image on the new tab. It will take you to the original size of the photo…which is HUGE! Though why you’d want to see it in that original state, I’ll never know. I just like giving you options.

Ginger & Liz Prima Donna


Ginger & Liz Prima Donna

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