Essie – Shift Power

Monday, 28 February, 2011

I was going to do a blue for Monday, but I thought…why not do a gold? I was hunting for a blue in my 600+ nail polish stash, but came up gold! Plus, it’s a way to celebrate the win for my boy Colin Firth, too. I’ve had this insane crush on him ever since I saw Pride and Prejudice. He’s just that kind of awesome to me. Congrats, Colin Firth. It’s about f***ing time.

This is a pretty gold/bronze kind of shade. However, it’s an extremely thin formula and required three coats. This is two. Had it been three it may have been a bit closer to the bottle color. Formula was thin and a bit moody. It had massive tendencies for cuticle pull. BOOOOO HISSS.

Anyway, that’s the gold for you! (and Colin Firth – yay!!!)

Essie - Showstopper
Comparison - Essie vs Chanel vs CND