Nubar – Purple Rain Glitter

Monday, 22 November, 2010

Everytime I was writing Purple Rain Glitter on the images, I kept thinking I got the name wrong. Maybe it was Purple Rain and I added the word “Glitter” as a reminder of what it was. Nope. Checked the label, Purple Rain Glitter.

Ok, so for once my desire to constantly edit didn’t stand in the way!

What was cool about this purple is that it’s like a royal purple – very pretty and very flattering. Tossed into all of that is this nutty sparkly glitter. I don’t know where this all came from, but I’m suddenly having a huge love of purple nail polish. Like I don’t understand why when I normally never gave purple a second glance. Lately, I’ve been gravitating towards purple and I’m a bit dismayed/puzzled by my choices.

Oh well, I won’t dwell on it, but I do know that I love purple polishes now.

Ka-ching! Check out the Purple Rain Glitter goodness. Of course, I did have Prince’s Purple Rain running in my head as I was applying this color, but only because I’m so utterly predictable.

Sunlight, once again, shows my deficiency in polish application. I wish I weren’t so heavy handed!

Wimpy macro shot

Nubar - Palisade
Nubar - Midnight Rendezvous