Orly – Space Cadet

Monday, 23 August, 2010

I am the first to admit that it takes a lot to wow me…especially in the nail polish department. I rarely swoon. It’s just how I am. It’s not that I’m jaded, it’s just that I’m truly fortunate to be able to have a great collection. Plus, I’m a huge fan of cremes. If I ever turn my head on glitters or shimmers, it really has to be a stand out.

Fall 2010 is that collection for Orly…well, this one is – Space Cadet.

Where can I even begin? I was rendered speechless on the first coat. Then on the second? I just could not stop staring. The color change, the glitter, the glitz oh my!

The formula was really one that I think a lot of polishes should strive for if they’re going to do something like this – fast drying and easy to work with. I did 3 coats because I was really curious to see how it would look past 2 and it really was just flat out gorgeous. I didn’t need a third coat. It was like gilding the lily.

Ok, I’ll stop raving and just show you the mother lode of pictures I took.

Small note – I honestly thought that this was close to a Nubar shade called Wildlife…Wildlife is this awesome duochrome color that is gorgeous in and of itself and I felt that Space Cadet is the pumped up rocker chick sister version of it.

Pic spam commences…NAO!

What wasn’t conveyed in the sunlight shot was this freaking AWESOME play of black and pink/purple glitter. It was really hard to capture.

Nubar’s Wildlife is below – the shade shots of Space Cadet above is what made me think of this color.

Orly - It's Not Rocket Science
Nubar - Barricade (Fortress Collection 2010)