OPI – Green-Wich Village (and a rant)

Tuesday, 8 June, 2010

It’s sounds truly silly, but I had been having a hard time finding this color. Most of my nail polish sellers didn’t sell it and I wasn’t going to buy OPI online. I went to my nail polish man here in California and BAM! he miraculously had one bottle of my good greenness.

I bought it, totally excited.

What a let down. The formula was runny. The brush was so freakin’ messed up I couldn’t paint my nails to save my life. This took FOREVER and a day to dry. I literally waited an hour between two coats. What did I get for that wait? BUBBLES. Yes, it BUBBLED. After almost 3 hours, I was ready to throw this nail polish bottle at the next person who cut in front of  me on the freeway without using their signal. I hated the application of this polish THAT MUCH. Never has a nail polish ever incited such blind rage.

However, that aside, I am starting to really dislike OPI’s brushes. I tweeted the other day that I have about 50 some odd bottles (and after I had looked at my spreadsheet, it’s a little over 100) of OPI and about 7-10 of them have wacked out, jacked up brushes that really mar application. OPI, if you’re going to bitch about quality control and distribution, make sure your brushes in your bottles are good. No other brand has ever had such crap brushes as OPI. What gives? Seriously…what gives? I’m not joking anymore. Ok, rant done.

Now on to the hideously disappointing pictures of Greenwich Village.

Look at those bubbles. 🙁 They make me sad.

Oops! Out of commission for a little bit.