OPI Holiday 2009 – Holiday Wishes Collection – Part I

Monday, 14 December, 2009

I didn’t get all the colors because frankly, I can’t be arsed in tracking them down. I do have a color called Festive Fuschia and I’ve been reading on other blogs it’s special only to Trade Secret. I beg to differ because I actually purchased it here in Arizona…and not at a Trade Secret, but rather at my favorite nail supply store…for $4 – holla! I’ll swatch it eventually (like this week) but for now, here is a color that I found and like. A lot.

Sapphire in the Snow – Indoors, no flash; luminescent lighting

I said that I was never a fan of purple nail polish, but this is such a deep dark royal purple that I fell for it. Hard. When in light, you can see the purple shine through. Absolutely beautiful, even if the formula is a bit temperamental. I found that to be true of the Spanish Collection as well. Those colors would’ve benefited from a three coat application and the same applies for the 2009 Holiday colors.

Sapphire in the Snow – outdoors, pretty Arizona sunshine

And there is that gorgeous, dark royal purple coming into play. How can you not fall for a pretty purple?!

Festive Fuchsia – Indoors with Flash

Ok, I’ve swatched it and was so uninspired by the color I just snapped a pic with the flash then took it off my nails. doh doh

It was eh. So uninspiring that I merely just took the picture with a flash and called it a day. Couldn’t even be arsed with going outside and taking a pic in the sun – how sad is that?

Visions of Sugarplums – I found this color kind of fascinating, yet boring at the same time. I know, it’s odd…but there was something about this color that made me go “OHHH, AHH, OH” when I saw bottle. I purchased it at…of all places, Ulta, on the clearance table for $3.98. Two cents cheaper than what I normally pay for OPI prices. I wasn’t going to quibble because it was one of the holiday colors I had been searching for. I put it on me and found the formula kind of runny. It dried fast but you could tell it needed about 15 mins between each application. Mercifully, this only needed 2 coats. This is the color indoors, no flash.

Visions of Sugarplums – outdoors. It sort of redeemed itself here, but not by much…still a pretty color, but one I’d give away to someone who wanted it…like my friend who loves purple.

All A-Bordeaux The Sled! – shade

Ok, this…this…where do I even begin? I must wax lyrical! First coat impression: “I’ve seen this before. I loved it. I know…Chanel’s original Vamp.” I’m not talking about that crap Vamp that’s out now. I’m talking old school, circa 1994/1995 Vamp. The good stuff. I loved that color so much that I wore it till the bottle ran out…and bought another one…and used that up, too! I almost cried when I threw out the bottles, but I have here my new, much more affordable version — even though I only have one bottle. Oh dear.

OPI’s All A-Bordeaux The Sled! – direct sunlight

OPI’s Holiday Glow and My Private Jet – shade

Ok, so I totally messed up. I did my index and middle finger with Holiday Glow and I got a phone call. I had a bottle of My Private Jet (which is NOT part of the OPI Holiday 2009 collection) sitting next to Holiday Glow and thought I was finishing putting on Holiday Glow. I noticed on the 2nd coat. I didn’t want to waste anything so I just kept them side by side. I have to say, they were easy to apply. I like both of them. They’re very pretty.

Holiday Glow and My Private Jet – direct sunlight

OPI Holiday Collection 2009 - Holiday Wishes - Part I
OPI Fall 2009 - Spanish Collection

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