Sometimes India Is Cheaper!

Tuesday, 31 March, 2009

So while Colin was gone, I really didn’t have anything better to do other than nitpick about various things wrong with me. I woke up last Wednesday morning and was in the bathroom, brushing my teeth. The light hit my hair a funny way and exposed all the grey hairs I had categorically and systematically denied existed…I could no longer live in denial much longer. I made a mental note to do something about it. As I sat down to read my daily gossip, I put my hand on my cheek and my finger grazed my upper lip…oh my god. There was a lone piece of hair, you know that hair, girl – the one that is slightly thicker than the rest; the one that sends you into a tizzy.

That’s exactly what it did to me. It sent me over the edge. I showered and dressed quickly then made my way to the mall where I walked right in to the beauty salon I had seen the week before.

I got my hair dyed,  a pedicure and my upper lip along with eyebrows got threaded.

All together, with tip, it cost me 4,000 rupees – $78. Back in AZ alone the cost of a pedicure is close to $30 with tip. Hair coloring starts at $60. Waxing of the brow and lip costs $20 total if you can find a good cheap place.

I think I scored.

My face and hair are back to normal. I can resume with my slothful lifestyle.


Day 92 (the continuation of the epic cell phone)

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