Day 23

Monday, 19 January, 2009

As I said in a previous entries, there are stray dogs here… I just chased one away from our doorstep, well more like doormat. I actually swatted at it and hit it when it didn’t go away. I hated doing that, but I want to put out the garbage for the trash men to take…and the dogs just go through it and tear it open. Granted, I do think the housing association/apartment association could find a better solution instead of leaving it out for it to be collected right off our doorstep.

I feel absolutely horrible because the dog wasn’t even aggressive. She/He actually yelped. 🙁 It was also the same dog earlier that Colin chased away. Maybe the dog knows I’m a big softie at heart when it comes to dogs, but the guilt I feel right now…and the awful way I feel about actually striking a stray dog…I hope I am forgiven.

Of course, all I want to do is feed the dog now because I feel bad, but I don’t want it to constantly keep coming back…or do I?

I already feel guilty about the tons of food I throw away here, is it so bad letting it go to a stray so it won’t go hungry?


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