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China Glaze – Holiday 2010 – ‘Tis The Season To Be Naughty And Nice

Friday, 22 October, 2010

This is a seriously image heavy post…28 pictures. I didn’t want to break it up because…well, I didn’t want to. 😉 It’s my eye candy and Friday Red. Enjoy!

All of these were two coaters and they dried in record time.

BOOM! Right out of the gate…this is my favorite red this season. Beautiful. Opaque in 2 coats.

I liked this, but it’s not my favorite red. It’s a bit too light for me. I am sure it would look better on someone else where it looked ok on me.

A gorgeous mulberry with a shimmer that makes it a perfect holiday shade.

I didn’t think I would like these, but I do. CTY is a lovely metallic foil that some other brands didn’t quite get right. This really sparkled and shined, truly reminding me of tinsel. MK was a lovely rich foil gold…absolutely gorgeous and I kept thinking it was a wonderful shade of almost 18k. Jingle bells is a bronze that doesn’t quite shimmer like CTY and MK, but it is very subtle. While not flashy, it’s still a pretty shade to behold.

A sheer white base with white glitter thrown in…it reminded me of snow.

This is a wicked shade of green…it glows. I swear, it generates its own electricity! Wouldn’t you agree? I mean, just look at it.

A wonderful blue, but it really reminded me of OPI’s Yoga-ta Get This Blue.

The jury’s still out on this color. I can’t decide if I like it or not. It’s a pinky/red jelly based color with pinky/silver glitter. Removal was a pain, but I’m not sure about this.

I no longer mourn the loss (that much) of my beloved Chanel Rouge Noir. How can I with these fabulous dupes that are 3-Free?

Oh the glitter…the humanity. THE SHINY! I like it a lot, but ugh…the removal. The removal is a pain.

How pretty is this? I love that it’s an olive green tossed into the mix…to make it even 700 shades more awesome, they made this a shimmer. Fabulous!

White creme…’nuff said. I think of this as a base for nail art and not just a color to be worn on its own.

This is China Glaze’s answer to OPI’s Tease-y Does It. I like both and I like that this is lighter and has a fine micro glitter.

Of course, I had to include Mistletoe Kisses because it’s part of the collection, even though I had done a comparison earlier in the week. FYI: MMUTM = Meet Me Under The Mistletoe.

And there we go…all 16 colors swatched. Yay! Hope you enjoyed it.

Orly – 'Tis the Season – Holiday 2010

Friday, 8 October, 2010

Orly’s Holiday collection is filled with some pretty fun colors. I love the application and the glitter. The red creme and the color Naughty Or Nice is just wonderful. What I’ve done is try to layer some of the glitters over the cremes. It’s an epic fail, but you’ll still see it. 😀

All the colors dried quickly and were opaque in 2 coats. The glitters were wonderfully dense and very fun to look at on their own.

This is an image heavy post – beware.


How awesome is this red? It is freaking gorgeous and I’m happy to include it in Red Nail Polish Friday. On the middle finger is one coat of Winter Wonderland and on the ring finger it’s 2 coats.


2 coats of Winter Wonderland on three fingers and 2 coats of WW over Naughty or Nice. I love how WW really does remind me of snow.


Normally I don’t like golds like this, but for some reason I found I liked this a lot. Naughty Or Nice is on three fingers while G&G is on my pointer finger. G&G is a dense, heavy glitter. Removal wasn’t so bad! One coat of G&G over NON to see how it would look. Meh.


I thought this color was so fabulous in the bottle. Then I put it on me. All the initial beauty of it was washed out by my skin and the sunlight. It’s much, much prettier in person and the shimmer/glitter is well done.

I’ve heard that MMUTM is a dupe for Zoya’s Ivanka. I don’t think so. Below are pictures of Ivanka. Ivanka is lighter while MMUTM is darker, more of a holiday green.


29 73524 Vernis Laque Pur

Kickin' It Old School

Friday, 5 February, 2010

Found this in my stash of old polish. It was released the same time as Chanel’s original Vamp, aka Rouge Noire. I forgot how much I loved this color…until I had to wait for it to dry in between coats. URGH!

So this is YSL’s Vernis Laque Pur line, 73521 number 29. You can see from the pics at the bottom.

Overall it was very hard to work with, thin and temperamental…but hey, it’s a teenager!

Shade (L) and in direct sunlight (R)
Shade (Top) and in direct sunlight (Bottom)
Necessary and l33t inf0z!