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Face Stockholm 107

Wednesday, 24 August, 2011

I saw Face Stockholm 107 in the store and grabbed it so fast. The girl who helped me claimed that it was part of the new fall line…

While not a dupe for Illamasqua’s Jo’Mina, it’s still a pretty damn good color.

Face Stockholm 107 label

Application was smooth and absolutely quick drying. However, when I put the “fast drying top coat”on and went to bed four hours later, I woke with minor indentations in the polish. Grrr…I hate that.

Face Stockholm 107 bottle

Sorry it’s not all in focus, but I had to put that color on there. Bottle shot because I’m so boring. LOL

Face Stockholm 107 sunlight

Please pardon the grubby hangnails. I had completely brain farted and didn’t bring anything to do manicures with. I wanted to get a mani/pedi and found a place near my house…and nearly passed out at the price for a basic mani/pedi – 650SEK. That’s about $100. I’d rather chew my own toenails off, thanks. Ok, gross visual. Sorry. Excuse me while I gag a little.

I love Face Stockholm 107 – it’s a bit darker and slightly more muted than Jo’Mina. It’s almost falling into periwinkle territory. I think I’m going to have to get a back-up bottle and get some Face Stockholm stuff for a giveaway when I get back to the States! This would definitely be worth getting, don’t you think?

As for the picture below…there is a story behind it.

Here in Stockholm (and the rest of Europe), when you buy cheese, you have to slice it yourself. I tend to pre-slice cheese for the day/week. In this particular instance, when I was making a grilled cheese sandwich for Mr Carinae, I wasn’t in the mood to slice more cheese…plus, the cheese cutter was in the dishwasher and the dishwasher was running. So Mr Carinae ended up having a very sad pathetic “cheese” sandwich. Mr Carinae took it to mean, “ONOS NO MOAR CHEEZES IN DA HOUSE!” The next night when I sent him to the store, this is what he bought…I had to put it next to my iPhone so you can see exactly HOW big this block o cheese is. Yes, I am still slicing cheese from that big block.

Moral of the story? Always have enough pre-sliced cheese on hand.



Last, but not least…it takes so little to make me happy. I was tired of having crispy undies when they came out of the dryer and Colin’s co-workers were kind enough to purchase some Bounce dryer sheets for me. They are here in Stockholm on business, so it was no trouble at all. I’m grateful and thankful because now we have fresh smelling clothes when it comes out of the dryer!s Ah…I’m so surprised Stockholm doesn’t have dryer sheets.


That all said, I’m saying nighty night!

China Glaze Holographic

China Glaze – 2Nite

Wednesday, 23 March, 2011

I was going to do a creme swatch the other day, but the sun came out and I feel like I’ve been buried in gray skies, despite the fact we haven’t really had rain in California in such a long time. I can’t complain. We need the rain.

Anyway, the sun came out and I felt like it was the gods smiling down upon me, granting me a clear moment (or two!) to get nail polish things done. I took advantage of it and have no regrets. I’ve been needing a break from playing Dragon Age 2. My xBox totally froze. Stupid MicroShite. To make it worse, it was right in the frakkin’ middle of the huge end battle with Knight Commander Meredith. I snapped a pic with my phone because I just couldn’t believe it. I thought the game was just loading…and then it just froze on that screen. I was waiting for the cut scene. Didn’t happen. No, I’m not angry or annoyed at all. *rolls eyes* I think I was never meant to finish this game. It’s been a bit of drama with the xbox ever since I started playing. Grrr.

Anyway, I am all irritated just looking at that picture.

Here is the polish I have for you today…

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