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China Glaze – L8R G8R

Wednesday, 16 March, 2011

Several years ago, China Glaze released a line of holographic nail polish that caused quite a stir within us polish lovers. At the time I purchased a few colors that I felt were the ones I needed. Since then I’ve been dying to get the entire collection because they discontinued the Kaleidoscope and both of the OMG collections. You can, if you’re lucky, find some of the original silver capped bottles languishing in some nail polish supply stores.

They started out with the Kaleidoscope collection, then they added the OMG 2B HOT and OMG 2BKEWL. 2BHOT was the warmer toned shades of the holographic collection, gorgeous yet failing thanks to my gimp skin tone. 2BKEWL was the cooler colors and they looked great on me. I have all the colors of 2BHOT and 2BKEWL, but am missing half of the colors for the Kaleidoscope collection – boooooo.

Today’s offering is from the 2B KEWL collection:

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