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Inglot – #891

Monday, 3 May, 2010

When we moved to India, I was having a hard time finding polishes I liked. MAC was a bit too pricey for me, Chanel was just far too overpriced for my taste…that and I already had the colors.

Wandering through Saket’s Select City Walk mall – which, by the way, if you ever have the chance to go there, go…it’s insanely gorgeous and a fun place to be in – I came across a store called Inglot. The packaging for Inglot is similar to MAC’s – black with white lettering.

Inglot was my first introduction to matte nail polish in the fall of 2008, but that matte polish color will be for another post. This post is the silver metallic grey that caught my eye. I hope you can see why. When first applied, it went on a very dark gun metal grey then when it dried all the silver mega mini micro glitter came out to play. The pictures do not do this justice.

Inglot doesn’t have names assigned to their polishes…merely numbers. I purchased several bottles for myself and a bunch for my fellow polish friend back in the States.

Inglot’s an Eastern European brand and it’s really very pretty, but the colors and bases were definitely made with the eastern european skin tone in mind. A lot of the colors ended up being super bright and scary on me. I gravitated towards the ones that were closer to black, dark grey and dark blue.

You can now find Inglot in New York City located in Times Square, by the way.

Pics of the gorgeous metallic grey below. 🙂

Ginger & Liz – Can You Keep A Secret?

Wednesday, 24 March, 2010

Yes, I can keep a secret. I’ll be honest, this is one secret I don’t want to keep! I know I’ve gone on and on about how much I love the Ginger & Liz colors and the brush in addition to the application…and I know I’m going to wear myself (and you) out, but I’ll keep on singing their praises. Nubar and Ginger & Liz = the 2 BEST nail polish in terms of application and wear I’ve ever encountered. They make China Glaze, OPI, Essie and everything else mega ghetto in my eyes.

Anyway, here is even MORE Ginger & Liz love…more will follow during the day because I’ll be adding two more swatches to this post or I’ll post twice in one day! G&L have made me that much of a fan.

I truly wish I could carry off a wonderful dove gray like this, but I can’t. If it had a hint of blue in it, it’d have a fighting chance with my mega asian girl skin tone. None the less, isn’t it a gorgeous color?!

Ginger & Liz

Tuesday, 16 March, 2010

I’ve been waiting for a shipment of nail polish to come in from a new company called Ginger & Liz – and it’s finally arrived…pity a bottle (Tough Luxe) got broken in transit and it spilled everywhere, but the colors that did make it are fabulous! Tough Luxe sure looked pretty enough all over the inside of the packaging and on the other bottles. I was finally able to clean off the broken bottle’s contents off the remaining shipment…and what a treasure, indeed.

I was so excited I had to share. So much for putting up a green nail polish in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. Guess that’ll happen tomorrow because for now it’s all about Ginger & Liz, my new nail polish crush.

I’m going gray, baby!

Ginger & Liz – remember those names because the colors and application will rock your world. I love the wax coat finish on Gray Area and I’ve got to bust out with Royal Flush now. The finish is awesome – it’s not super shiny and it’s not like other mattes out there – this is a wonderful compromise that reminds me of candle wax. It’s a nice dull shine! I only needed 2 thin applications of the prettiness.

Check it out below. 🙂