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Nubar's Cleopatra Collection – Part II

Sunday, 28 February, 2010

This is the shimmers and glitter part of the collection.

The glitter in this very pretty purple isn’t as obnoxious as say…your regular glitter type of polish. It’s still a pita to remove, though! But it’s nothing like OPI’s Absolutely Alice or anything like that. Thank God! It’s a bit of a reddish purple that some may find very appealing

I look at this color and think…disco roller derby night. Those scary satin shorts. Tube tops. I don’t know why those images flash into my head. Yet, they have and they remain there…Hm…the shimmer in here is so strong it makes it almost like a metallic, doesn’t it? This color reminds me more of a raspberry than a purple, to be honest. Well, at least it looks that way on my skin! 🙂

Good googalamoogala! The shimmer in this bad ass baby saved it from being a flat out boring purple creme. Well, to be honest, I think it would’ve been a gorgeous purple creme on its own, but the subtle shimmer in it makes it so purty!

Oh. My. Stars. Oh. My. Goodness. While this color reminds me of Yoga-Ta Get This Blue (it’s that micro shimmer/glitter thing going on in the polish), it’s the darker more seductive cousin of the two. I’ve always been a sucka for dark nail polish and this truly made my heart sing! A beautiful indigo that has some gorgeous reddish/purple shimmer/glitter thrown in…OMG – *swoons*  You’ve got to see the full technicolor blown up pic of this – click the thumbnail for the sunlight version. It will take you to another page with the same image. Click on the image and the pic will be HUGE and you can see the absolute detail on this gorgeous, fantabulous, kick a** color. I’m serious! It’s that freaking gorgeous to me.

Nubar's Cleopatra Collection – Part I

Saturday, 27 February, 2010

I’m not a huge fan of purples. I never really have been…but what Nubar’s done is put together this collection that really made me look at purples differently. I’ve started with the cremes.

Application on this stuff was FLAWLESS.  I think Nubar is my new favorite brand of nail polish. Every single polish I’ve used by them makes me think all the other polishes I have been using are cheap things…Nubar is worth every penny I’ve shelled out.

This is a super pretty raspberry purple with a tinge of purple in it that makes it very flattering for my skin tone. It’s gorgeous, isn’t it?

A very pretty shade of pink with faint undertones of purple that keep it from hitting the lavender point.

This…is my most favorite color out of the entire collection. It’s got some grey in there…and it’s purple…it’s just such a pretty color that it hits high on my Top 10 list of all time favorites.

Not quite a royal purple but also not quite a lavender, it’s a cool mix of both and one that I really enjoyed seeing on me.