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American Apparel – Dynasty

Wednesday, 9 February, 2011

When I saw this color’s name, the theme song from Dynasty (one of my all time favorite shows growing up, btw) popped into my head:

Hah. So now I’m really showing my age. The 80s were marked with big hair, bad eye make-up and this very odd obsession with purple. I remember seeing so many hues of purple that I honestly thought I was just going to die a purple death. Then, just when I thought I was in the clear, along came the 90s with that f***ing awful purple THING called Barney. I have never hated the color purple so much. I actually banned myself from ever wearing purple until very recently…

Terribly irrational, I know. It’s just how I am.

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American Apparel – Factory Grey

Monday, 15 November, 2010

First off — check out Belle, Bath and Beyond’s giveaway for Asian nail polishes:

Definitely my first time trying out American Apparel. While I chose a color I feel has been done to death, the application for this was pretty good.

I chose grey for Monday because … it’s Monday and I have a blue on tap that really isn’t worthy of being dubbed a Monday Morning Blue, either. It’s bright and perky…and will be displayed tomorrow. I promise! Today’s Monday was (I thought) going to be grey and maybe a little depressing. Instead, the sun is shining and it’s feeling a little on the warm side. As I said yesterday in my Twitter – it’s mid-November, where the heck is my fall weather?!

Formula was a tad bit on the streaky side, but I could manage that. It was also fast drying. Woo hoo!

See below for the pics.