Social Butterfly Blue

Tuesday, 24 February, 2015
Social Butterfly Blue swatch

This time last week, I was in California…and I had always meant to go and visit Facebook because it’s pretty close to where I grew up.

However, well-meaning intentions never fully come to fruition…unless you have a friend who happens to work there! I got in touch with him and said I wanted to visit the Facebook campus. He said, “I can have someone give you and Oculus demo while you’re here!” Oh…ok. If you’re not familiar with Oculus and are wondering WTF it is, here is a link to help you!

The demo itself is about putting on a headset with headphones and goggles. Then it starts up…and it’s amazing. You know it’s all computer generated and I’ve played with a few VR things in my time, but this is definitely something that is light years away from what it was even five years ago! I got a bit sick and pukey in the demo when it was a high building and I looked down. Logically, I knew it wasn’t real, but my fear of heights kept me from ‘jumping off the side of building’. It was that realistic for me. The T-Rex running through the hallways was fun, but the one that really got me was an Independence Day sort of robot apocalyptic battle being fought…the flying bullets, smoke and just how they walked you through it (even though you’re not moving) was excellent. It was good timing and good pacing. You get to confront the evil robot invader before it fades.

It was also a wholly 360 experience — I didn’t just stare straight ahead. I could actually move in a circle (don’t fall off the mat, though!) and ‘see’ the rest of the virtual room/worlds they had for me in the demo.

It was pretty awesome!

Finally, our friend gave Mr Carinae and I a tour of Facebook’s Main Street. 15+ restaurants on a quarter mile-ish stretch with ample indoor and outdoor seating. There’s a Philz Coffee (who needs Starbucks anyway?) and a dessert store. By the way all that food at the restaurants? Free. You read it correctly. FREE. So if you wanted to make carne asada fries, hit the Mexican place and snag some carne asada and the fixins you like, then head on over to the burger place for your fries, toss it all together and BAM! One yummy meal. There is a dearth of restaurants – Mexican, Italian, pizza, noodle house, Indian, bbq and so much more. I’d be even more of a fatty if I worked there. Hell, I’d have to pre-order a rascal/scooter so I could roll to places and stock up on a heifer girl lunch! LOL

I also visited the Facebook store and bought a Like magnet and…nail polish — of course! Hello, the trip to Facebook was really for the nail polish. The yummy free food and awesome Oculus demo were mere distractions, but they were very welcome and appreciated.

I snagged the last three bottles of Facebook’s Social Butterfly Blue. I always just called it Facebook Blue. No…it seems it has a name and it is Social Butterfly Blue. I don’t know who makes it, but it is sort of close to what the Facebook blue is.

In person, Social Butterfly Blue is almost a dusty blue with a liberal amount of grey thrown in. It dried in a regular amount of time between coats, about three to five minutes. It also had a lovely, high gloss shine to it. The pictures below are three coats. It was also a bit crelly, but more the cream side. Social Butterfly Blue definitely benefitted from three liberal applications.

  • Where to buy:  Facebook Store, 1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park, CA 94025
  • Price:  $9 (I think)

Social Butterfly Blue swatchBottle shot of Social Butterfly Blue

Social Butterfly BlueSocial Butterfly Blue doesn’t really look like Facebook blue, does it? Nonetheless, I find I like this color. This is indirect light.

Social Butterfly BlueSocial Butterfly Blue in direct light.

If you’ve made it this far — thank you!!!

Thanks for letting me totally gush on about my Facebook visit and nail polish.

Until next time,