Day 5

Friday, 2 January, 2009

Sights and observations…


Yesterday in Delhi (that whole experience really merits its own entry) the driver took a sharp turn around a corner and I nearly flinched. Not because he took the sharp turn, but because there was a cow like RIGHT THERE as we rounded the corner. It was hangin’, just waiting to cross the road. It was like, "Moo. Traffic clear yet so I can cross?"

I wasn’t able to see it, but Colin told me about the dog and the pig out in front of the apartment window the other day…having a good argument. Pig was about to smack the dog and the dog was barking back, ready to attack if necessary. Not sure why, but that visual had me giggling mightily.

…and there is a cute friendly little puppy I am tempted to steal away…and I noticed someone put a blue dot on its forehead, a little above the eyes. It made me wonder what deity that dog now must worship! lol It was very cute. I was so tempted to pet the dog, but I have signs reminding me DO NOT FEED OR PLAY WITH STRAY DOGS.


While in Delhi yesterday, we ended up in a market that not very many Westerners go to (yes, I was on a search for yarn!) and I spied a dog that for one red hot moment, I thought was a lamb…I moved away from Colin, who was mortified, to get a closer look. Poor puppy…absolutely mangey and it looked like it was being eaten alive by some kind of god knows what. Colin was worried I’d get what the dog had. The dog just looked utterly miserable…it had the "Will someone just kill me now?" look on its face. Colin said that the more pathetic the dogs look here, the nastier they are once the sun sets. Hm…I don’t doubt him on that.

We ended up in South Delhi, more where the real Indians live. Wow…the poverty…the insanity. I want to say driving in general in India is funny, but it’s funny yet seriously disturbing. I kept waiting to hear that awful screech/crunch of metal meeting metal while the driver was carting us around.

I really should have video taped it because there is just no way to describe it…words escape me.

Oh!!! and can you honestly believe I haven’t had any meat in the past 2 days?! Gowri, our cook, makes the most awesome kick ass vegetarian meals. I honestly never knew I could love or like Indian food even more than I do now. The vegetarian meals have been completely filling and hearty. Spices are used, but not like how one would think spices are used in America — I know Indian food is often seen as spicy. Food here is spiced for flavor and if it happens to have some kick, it’s all good. A lot of the food I’ve had has had kick, but it’s such a wonderful boost to the meal.

When I came back from the UK, I complained about American food being bland and flavorless…I think I may have that problem again. I find myself being more of a savory food kind of girl, gravitating away from sweet things. Hm…don’t get me wrong, I would fuck up a peanut butter cup or 10 if it were sent to me…LOL

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