Gelish VitaGel Nail Strengthener

Saturday, 20 July, 2013
VitaGel Nail Strengthener

I can’t believe I did it. I purchased an LED curing light because I want to try gels.

A big part of my nail care routine is finding a nail strengthening base coat or I keep my nails short. The other alternative was to get my nails done. I get impatient when I’d get gels put on my nails. I just wanted to be done and out the door. I found no nail strengthening base coat really worked…so I kept my nails short. Yea, short. BOOO! However, when I purchased my gel polish (mood color changing, to boot!), gel base and gel top coat, I saw Gelish VitaGel Nail Strengthener sitting next to them on the shelf.

Intrigued I added it to my pile of things to buy. I wasn’t sure what to make of it, but thought I’d give it a shot. I went home and happened to find this article from Nails Magazine about it. The article claims that “…In addition to being worn with gel-polish, Strength and Recovery can also be worn with nail lacquer to extend wear and act as a protective layer between the nail bed and the nail polish.

Even more intriguing…so now I’m going to try and keep this on my nails and wear regular nail polish.

I’ll keep you posted on how Gelish VitaGel Nail Strengthener and I are getting along.

For now, I like the natural shiny look I have going on. Come and see.

I used to have gels on my nails before – like Brisa building/scultping gels and what I liked best about having it was the flexibility to have super shiny natural looking nails that had a high gloss – like you were just wearing top coat, but then having the ability to wear whatever nail polish you wanted and not have to worry about it staining your nails, despite not wearing base coat.

Please ignore the black piece of lint that got trapped in the gel when it cured. It’s driving me crazy and I’m half tempted to soak off that one nail and then reapply it…or I’ll just keep nail polish on it so I won’t notice it. 😉

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VitaGel Nail Strengthener



Gelish VitaGel Nail Strengthener

Gelish VitaGel Nail Strengthener, Shade


Gelish VitaGel Nail Strengthener

Gelish VitaGel Nail Strengthener, Flash

Gelish VitaGel Nail Strengthener

Gelish VitaGel Nail Strengthener, Sunlight


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Gelish VitaGel Nail Strengthener - Week 1