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Giants Manicure 2012

Wednesday, 31 October, 2012
Giants Manicure

What I didn’t expect was the Giants to do a sweep in the World Series. 2012. Twice in three years. It’s amazing.

I decided to do a Giants manicure, but in a subtle way. For those of you who follow me on Instagram (and if you’re not, my name on there is carinaeletoile), you saw a sneak peek.

Today is the parade for the Giants in San Francisco. It’s also Halloween – luckily for me I did this to kill two birds with one stone: Giants manicure AND Halloween manicure.

Here is the official photo. I used Sation black nail polish and Zoya’s Jancyn. I had some concerns about Jancyn because it seemed almost neon-y, poppy for it to be a Giants shade of orange. However, once on me, it wasn’t. It almost mellowed out enough to be Giants orange, but I didn’t have a burnt orange on my hands. I seem to have almost every color under the sun BUT orange. Of course, the OCD nail polish collector in me is quickly trying to find a way to remedy that. 😀

This manicure was easy to do – did 2 coats of Zoya Jancyn, waited a minute for it to dry and then put on my quick drying top coat. Waited 5 minutes and then put down my tape on my nail that I had cut into a square. Placed it on the tip and did one coat of Sation’s black nail polish. Waited a few seconds, maybe closer to a minute. Carefully removed the tape and there ya go – the square! I thought waiting a couple of minutes for the black polish to dry would be enough…it wasn’t. 🙁 There were streaks in 3 out of the four nails. I ended up trying to ‘shop it out and well…I didn’t do a very good job. However, on the ring finger you can see no streaks – I had let 20 minutes pass on that nail for some reason. I remembered and slapped on the fast drying top coat – that’s why you won’t see any black streaks on part of the orange in this manicure.

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Giants Manicure

Giants Manicure


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