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Thursday, 5 May, 2011

This brand is relatively new and their foray into polish has been crackles. What I have here are only four of the 12 colors available. I skipped out on some of the other colors because I already have a black crackle/shatter and similar ones thanks to China Glaze.

These are different than China Glaze, though. See how and why after the jump.

The color names are so…uncreative. Honestly – Blue, Hot Orange, Magenta and Green. They didn’t put a lot of thought into it and just practically called them by their color names.

I decided to put them over China Glaze’s Snow. Of course, I only did one coat of the crackle because I was afraid I’d end up with a solid polish color.

Formula was was good and the crackles are consistent – the Blue tended to be a bit more crackle and shatter like. I particularly like how it went into tons of tiny little shatters. I found that the other colors tended to crackle in a bigger block. Still very pretty!

If you’re having problems finding China Glaze’s or another brand’s crackle/shatter polishes, this is a good alternative. These retail for about $6-$7, but if you’re lucky and live in the Bay Area, you may find somewhere that sells them. I’m a bit bummed that they don’t have a metallic version to complement their solid colors. I’ve been seeing the metallic crackles from friends in Europe and I admit that those are the ones that are much more interesting than the colored crackles I see now.

I’m still crackled out, though…and as for Mr Carinae? Over dinner last night he asked, “What the hell happened to your finger tips?” I guess that says it all, doesn’t it?

LaRosa Crackles - Metallics

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