Minty Chocolate Cookies

Tuesday, 8 March, 2011

Move over Girl Scouts! My stuff is better – it’s mintier and fresher. Take that, girls in green! Seriously, it’s March and in March I used to call it Girl Scout season. However, in the past few years after having purchased my old favorite stand-bys from the GS, I was always pissed off and annoyed at the more waxy taste than the mint flavoring I loved, craved and adored while growing up. So while mine do not look traditionally like the Girl Scout Thin Mints, I think mine kicks it to the curb.

My friend who does Weight Watchers gave me some news about these cookies – they’re worth 2 points each. She was happy because these give her her sweet tooth craving and the shot of mint she loves. She’s notoriously cray cray in March for the mint shakes. I used to think she was nuts until I had a mint shake from a fast food restaurant that I shall not name (McDonald’s) years ago. Now I think it best for me to stay far, far away because if I let myself that would be breakfast, lunch and dinner for me. I’d probably have to throw in a large fries with that. So it’s best that I pretend they’ve discontinued those Shamrock Shakes and go on about my merry way.

However, there is something about March – I’ll give her that…and in this particular instance of March, I was craving some GS Thin Mints something fierce. I finally bit the bullet and said I was going to tweak some recipes to get that Thin Mint action going on.

My supa secret ingredient to bring the mint on? Andes Mints. Yea, baby. I’ve never been a fan of those thin mints, but they work here. I think you will have to agree with me on this.

I’ve included the recipe at the bottom of the picture!

Are you drooling yet?

Minty Chocolate Cookies

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