Femme Couture

Femme Couture – Garland

Tuesday, 14 December, 2010

Green, green and more green! It’s a green season.

Sorry no sunlight shots…it was overcast 99.9% of the day so the best I could get was the overcast ones. I shall heave one big dramatic sigh…but hey, I’d rather have overcast than totally rainy days or snow.

This is a very pretty shimmer and it’s a dark green. It vaguely reminded me of China Glaze’s Emerald Sparkle…but this isn’t as vibrant or as striking. Sorry, Femme Couture.

Your formula rocked it, though. Two coats and quick drying. I’ll give ya that!

Just a reminder – to see the biggest version available, click on the image(s) below and then click on the number in the Full Size is 3456 x 1983. Then when the huge image shows up, your cursor will turn into a magnifying glass with a + in it…click on the image with the magnifying glass and then BAM! Full size right there. Talk about larger than life!

Femme Couture - Shimmer Time

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