Milani Dressmaker

Friday, 25 January, 2013
Milani Dress Maker

Milani Dressmaker is most known for being a Chanel Jade dupe…

I wish I could say I would do a comparison, but I can’t. I had the opportunity years ago to purchase Chanel Jade, but I passed, thinking it wasn’t really a color I wanted. Oh, how I regret that. I just remember thinking if I couldn’t make up my mind on if I wanted it or not, I don’t really want it. Then I heard Milani Dressmaker was a dead-on dupe, so of course I had to get it.

Formula for this was incredibly frustrating — slow to dry, a pain to really shore up and get into a coherent consistency. You may actually see bald spots on my nails in the swatches if you enlarge them. This was an extremely runny formula – moreso than almost any polish I’ve ever owned. It was almost like water. It took me four coats and an hour and a half dry time before I even remotely felt safe in slapping on some top coat.

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Milani Dress Maker

Milani Dressmaker – Shade

Who would’ve ever thought this pretty color would be such a pain? I didn’t.

Milani Dress Maker

Milani Dressmaker – Flash

Green shimmer on my pointer finger. You don’t see it in the shade, though.

Milani Dress Maker

Milani Dress Maker – Sun

Strong sunlight turns this almost minty…Mmm…mint…mint ice cream…Mmmm. Slight shimmer can be spotted on my pinky!

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